5 Most Commonly Asked Questions About EVICTION

Answered by Chris Schrader
1How long does it take to evict some one who is not paying rent?
If a “Pay or Quit” notice is posted on the door on the 5 th . The eviction process can start on the 15 th . This is because the law says: The tenant gets 7 judicial days plus a weekend to pay up or leave. So the eviction process can begin on the 10 th day at the earliest. So, get that notice posted ASAP.
2How long does the eviction process take?
Once I file the Eviction Paperwork with Justice Court. I usually have an “Eviction Order” from the Judge in 2 days. Lock out is typically 3 days later. If you include the weekend. It takes 1 week to evict.
3What happens if they fight the eviction?
Every tenant has the right to contest the eviction. I find about 30% of tenants contest the eviction and it ends up in court. This will typically add an extra 8-10 days as a hearing date will be mailed to both parties.
4Do I have to go to court myself?
You can represent yourself in court if you want to. But I would advise against it. At Eviction King, we will represent you in justice court and win. We have done thousands of successful evictions, and although tenants can be very creative with the truth in court. We know the law!
5How do I get started? I WANT THEM OUT NOW!
Getting an unwanted tenant out ALWAYS STARTS WITH A NOTICE. It’s the law. Even if you wrote an e-mail or sent a certified letter or talked to them on the phone and asked them to leave, it holds no legal weight. The first step is to fill out the information form. The link is on the first page of this site. The good news is 70% of the time the tenant will pay you or leave when they get a notice. Most people DON’T WANT an eviction on their record. However, if they chose to fight. They will lose.
I hope this information has been helpful.
Sincerely, Chris Schrader Eviction King