My name is Chris Schrader. I'm also known as the Eviction King of Las Vegas.Our company has helped landlords get rid of bad tenants for over 15 years. My goal is to explain the unexplainable. How an Idiotic law passed 2 weeks ago will affect you hard working landlords who own property in Las Vegas. This new law starts today 7-1-19.
1. There are no more 5 day pay or quit notices! Your Governor believes people that don't pay rent should have even more time to freeload or damage your property while not paying you.

2. The new pay or quit notice is now a Seven Day notice. Meaning the notice must be posted on the property for 7 judicial days plus a weekend so day 10 is the first day I can file paperwork with the judge to get the eviction order.

3. All late fees will be capped at 5% of rent owed. For example: If the tenant owes 2000$ The most a landlord can try to recover is 100$ no matter what the lease says.

4. No landlord , property manager or realtor can post a rent notice or notice of any kind!!!!! A landlord must use a lawyer, process server (Ex. Person who serves subpoenas) or the constable to post a notice. This Super Stupid law will cost everyone more $ as process servers and attorneys are expensive and the line at the constable is going to be Not Fun.
So What Does This Mean For You?
1. Don't panic! Patience will be the new word we all must learn the next few months.

2. There is some good news. I have partnered with an attorney that has agreed to make me an "Attorney agent" so even under this new law I will still be able do all of your notices. I feel very fortunate to still be able to serve you. I will be charging 69$ a notice. This will cover the new costs associated with this new law. Most attorneys and process servers charge 79-99$ for this service.

3. Finally, it is an honor to have helped so many customers over the years and I appreciate your loyalty.
My notices will continue to be among the most reasonably priced notices in town, and I will continue the same great service you have come to expect at Eviction King. if you have any questions you know you can call my cell any time. 702-321-2436. Sincerely, Chris Schrader

4. Ps. Please write your new Governor and tell him what you think of a law that gives more time to people who aren't paying rent and makes it harder and more expensive to remove them. He has turned his back on the very people that pay his salary.